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Os testes de proficiência da Master seguem diretrizes internacionais.

Serão 25 perguntas com tempo limite de 20 minutos. O cronômetro será acionado.

Escolha a alternativa que melhor responde a sentença.

Responda com calma e muita atenção aos detalhes.


Abaixo, informe dados válidos para visualização do resultado final

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I’m not wearing my dark blue trousers.
Two and a half is a half of five.
A: We shan’t keep on with this attitude.
The dark brown table is between us.
I generally don’t have supper.
I can usually see either clouds or moon in the sky in the afternoon.
A: I could have time to purchase mine if I had got there some minutes earlier.
I shouldn’t be eating yet…
It’s not hard to succeed in a test…
I shopped many books.
I can speak three languages very well.
A person hasn’t 10 fingers.
The bank was stolen by the thieves.
Nobody was helping me to do my homework. So, ...
Our mobiles are similar.
B: I’ll go to Paris this year.
My parents are good people …
A: Yesterday, I got help to cook at home.
A car isn’t long.

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